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You on a Diet : The Owner's Manual for Waist Management
페이지 : 정보준비중 | 500.38 * 612.14 * 0.00 (cm)
ISBN-10 : 0743292545
ISBN-13 : 9780743292542
You on a Diet : The Owner's Manual for Waist Management [Paperback] 중고
저자 Oz, Mehmet, M.D./ Spiker, Ted/ Oz, Lisa/ Wynett, C | 출판사 Simon & Schuster
5,500원 [85%↓, 32,300원 할인]
2,500원 (판매자 직접배송)
50,000원 이상 결제 시 무료배송
제주도 추가배송비 : 3,000원
도서산간지역 추가배송비 : 5,500원
지금 주문하면 2일 이내 출고 예정
평일 오후 4시 주문시 당일 출고되며 영업일 기준 1-2일 후 도착됨(공휴일은 배송되지 않음) 토요일, 일요일, 공휴일은 택배가 출고되지 않습니다. 배송 7일 이내에 한해 반품 가능하며 변심에 의한 반송은 배송비 구매자 부담. 제주, 산간지역에는 추가 배송비(3,000원)이 부과됩니다.
2006년 10월 31일 출간
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*Hardcover, 크기: 190×235.

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상품구성 목록
상품구성 목록

For the first time in our history, scientists are uncovering astounding medical evidence about dieting -- and why so many of us struggle with our weight and the size of our waists. Now researchers are unraveling biological secrets about such things as why you crave chocolate or gorge at buffets or store so much fat.

Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, America's most trusted doctor team and authors of the bestselling YOU series, are now translating this cutting-edge information to help you shave inches off your waist. They're going to do it by giving you the best weapon against fat: knowledge. By understanding how your body's fat-storing and fat-burning systems work, you're going to learn how to crack the code on true and lifelong waist management.

Roizen and Oz will invigorate you with equal parts information, motivation, and change-your-life action to show you how your brain, stomach, hormones, muscles, heart, genetics, and stress levels all interact biologically to determine if your body is the size of a baseball bat or of a baseball stadium. In YOU: On a Diet, Roizen and Oz will redefine what a healthy figure is, then take you through an under-theskin tour of the organs that influence your body's size and its health. You'll even be convinced that the key number to fixate on is not your weight, but your waist size, which best indicates the medical risks of storing too much fat.

Because the world has almost as many diet plans as it has e-mail spammers, you'd think that just about all of us would know everything there is to know about dieting, about fat, and about the reasons why our bellies have grown so large. YOU: On a Diet is much more than a diet plan or a series of instructions and guidelines or a faddish berries-only eating plan. It's a complete manual for waist management. It will show you how to achieve and maintain an ideal and healthy body size by providing a lexicon according to which any weight-loss system can be explained. YOU: On a Diet will serve as the operating system that facilitates future evolution in our dieting software. After you learn about the biology of your body and the biology and psychology of fat, you'll be given the YOU Diet and YOU Workout. Both are easy to learn, follow, and maintain. Following a two-week rebooting program will help you lose up to two inches from your waist right from the start.

With Roizen and Oz's signature accessibility, wit, and humor, YOU: On a Diet -- The Owner's Manual for Waist Management will revolutionize the way you think about yourself and the food you consume, so that you'll diet smart, not hard. Welcome to your body on a diet.



Part 1: What a Waist!
Introduction: You: On a Diet 3(22)
Work Smarter, Not Harder
The Ideal Body 25(10)
What Your Body Is Supposed to Look Like
Part 2: The Biology of Fat
Can't Get No Satisfaction 35(16)
The Science of Appetite
Eater's Digest 51(20)
How Food Travels through Your Body
Gut Check 71(28)
The Dangerous Battles of Inflammation in Your Belly
Taking a Fat Chance 99(28)
How Fat Ruins Your Health
Metabolic Motors 127(10)
Your Body's Hormonal Fat Burners
Make the Move 137(18)
How You Can Burn Fat Faster
Part 3: The Science of the Mind
The Chemistry of Emotions 155(8)
The Connections between Feelings and Food
Shame on Who? 163(30)
The Psychology of the Failed Diet
Part 4: The You Diet and Activity Plan
Make a You-Turn 193(12)
How to Change What You Thought You Knew about Dieting---and Change Your Life for Good
The You Activity Plan 205(26)
Physical Strategies for Waist Management
The You Diet 231(124)
The Waist-Management Eating Plan
Appendices: The Medical Options
Appendix A: This Is Your Fat on Drugs 313(12)
The Medical Jump Start to Waist Management
Appendix B: Skinny Skin Skin 325(14)
When Plastic Surgery Is an Option
Appendix C: The Extreme Team 339(16)
What to Do if Your Weight is Out of Control
Acknowledgments 355(6)
Index 361

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"Back for another highly entertaining round of Biology 101, the team behind YOU: The Owner's Manual applies its signature wit and wisdom to ...

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"Back for another highly entertaining round of Biology 101, the team behind YOU: The Owner's Manual applies its signature wit and wisdom to food metabolism and nutrition. Roizen and Oz pack in a lot of material -- quizzes, 'factoids' and 'myth busters' along with diet and exercise plans, recipes and a two-week 'rebooting' program -- in bite-sized portions, giving readers a chance to absorb and apply what they learn."

-- Publishers Weekly, starred review

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