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Flawless Consulting, 2/e
* 중고장터 판매상품은 판매자가 직접 등록/판매하는 상품으로 판매자가 해당상품과 내용에 모든 책임을 집니다. 우측의 제품상태와 하단의 상품상세를 꼭 확인하신 후 구입해주시기 바랍니다.
페이지 : 정보준비중 | 0.00 * 0.00 * 0.00 (cm)
ISBN-10 : 0787948039
ISBN-13 : 9780787948030
Flawless Consulting, 2/e [Paperback] 중고
저자 Block, Peter/ Nowlan, Janis (Ilt) | 출판사 Wiley
30,000원 [59%↓, 42,990원 할인]
2,600원 (판매자 직접배송)
지금 주문하시면 4일 이내 출고 가능합니다.
토/일, 공휴일을 제외한 영업일 기준으로 배송이 진행됩니다.
1999년 9월 1일 출간
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인터넷 교보문고에서는 해당 상품과 내용에 대해 일체 책임을 지지 않습니다.

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For over fifteen years, consultants, both internal and external, have relied on Peter Block's landmark bestseller, Flawless Consulting, to learn how to deal effectively with clients, peers, and others. Flawless Consulting is a tactical plan of action for consultants whose impact has ever been stymied by a lack of authority or overruled by people who think they know best. This best selling title is written by a management and consulting professional with experienced in helping others work better together. Using illustrative examples, case studies, and exercises, Block, one of the most important and well known consultants, offers his legendary warmth and insight throughout this much-awaited second edition. Anyone who must communicate in a professional context -- and who doesn't? -- will use the lessons taught in this book for years to come! Revised and updated for the challenges of the new millenium.



Preface to the Second Edition xv
Preface to the First Edition xxi
Acknowledgments xxv
A Consultant by Any Other Name... 1 (12)
Some Definitions and Distinctions 2 (4)
Consulting Skills Preview 6 (2)
The Promise of Flawless Consultation 8 (5)
Techniques Are Not Enough 13 (24)
Beyond Substance 14 (2)
The Consultant's Assumptions 16 (2)
The Consultant's Goals 18 (2)
Developing Client Commitment---A Secondary 20 (1)
Goal of Each Consulting Act
Roles Consultants Choose 21 (6)
Collaboration and the Fear of Holding Hands 27 (2)
Staging the Client's Involvement---Step by 29 (8)
Assessing the Balance of Responsibility 36 (1)
Flawless Consulting 37 (16)
Being Authentic 37 (4)
Completing the Requirements of Each Phase 41 (6)
Results 47 (6)
Contracting Overview 53 (16)
Contracting---The Concept and the Skill 54 (4)
Contracting Skills 58 (1)
Elements of a Contract 59 (8)
Analyzing One of Your Contracts 67 (1)
Ground Rules for Contracting 67 (2)
The Contracting Meeting 69 (38)
Who Is the Client? 70 (1)
Navigating the Contracting Meeting 71 (24)
The Problem with Saying No 95 (4)
Planning a Contracting Meeting 98 (1)
Selling Your Services---Good Selling Is 99 (3)
Good Contracting
The Meeting As a Model of How You Work 102(2)
Closing the Contracting Meeting 104(1)
After the Contracting Meeting 104(3)
Reviewing the Contracting Meeting 105(2)
The Agonies of Contracting 107(22)
Dealing with Low Motivation 107(3)
Ceaseless Negotiation---The Shifting Tide 110(4)
of Your Role
Some Other Specific Agonies 114(2)
The Bonner Case 116(9)
A Look into the Bonner Case 125(4)
The Internal Consultant 129(10)
Important Differences Between Internal and 130(3)
External Consultants
Triangles and Rectangles 133(6)
Understanding Resistance 139(22)
The Faces of Resistance 140(8)
What Are Clients Resisting When They Are 148(3)
Resisting Us?
Underlying Concerns 151(2)
Sometimes It Is Not Resistance 153(1)
The Fear and the Wish 154(3)
Ogres and Angels 157(1)
...and Heroics 158(3)
Dealing with Resistance 161(12)
Three Steps 163(5)
Don't Take It Personally 168(1)
Good Faith Responses 169(1)
Consulting with a Stone 170(3)
From Diagnosis to Discovery 173(16)
The Call to Action 175(4)
Juggling the Presenting Problem 179(3)
How the Problem Is Being Managed 182(4)
A Reminder 186(3)
Getting the Data 189(18)
The Steps in Getting Data 189(5)
Assessing How the Problem Is Being Managed 194(3)
The Data Collection Interview 197(4)
A Final Comment on What to Look For 201(6)
Planning a Data Collection Meeting 204(3)
Reviewing the Data Collection Meeting 207(1)
Whole-System Discovery 207(10)
Third-Party Consulting 208(2)
Taking a Whole-System Approach 210(2)
Putting Whole-System Discovery to Work 212(2)
The Payoff 214(3)
Preparing for Feedback 217(10)
A Clear Picture May Be Enough 217(1)
Some Do's and Don'ts 218(3)
Language in Giving Feedback 221(2)
A Preview of the Feedback Meeting... As 223(2)
Courtroom Drama
Support and Confrontation 225(2)
Managing the Feedback Meeting 227(20)
Feedback Concepts and Skills 227(1)
How to Present Data 228(2)
Structuring the Meeting 230(1)
The Feedback Meeting---Step by Step 230(10)
Resistance in the Feedback Meeting 240(3)
Planning a Feedback Meeting 242(1)
Conducting a Group Feedback Meeting 243(2)
Reviewing the Feedback Meeting 244(1)
Feedback Skills Summary 245(2)
Implementation 247(16)
Choosing Engagement over Installation 248(1)
Deciding Doesn't Get It Done 249(1)
The Case Against Installation 250(9)
Betting on Engagement 259(1)
A Reminder 259(4)
Strategies for Engagement 263(18)
Feelings Are Facts 263(1)
Supporting the Emotional Side 264(1)
The Meeting Is the Message 265(1)
Innovative Engagement in Five Easy Pieces 265(14)
The Choice for Accountability 279(2)
Some Tools for Engagement 281(26)
Methods You Can Really Use 282(21)
Preparing for Implementation 302(1)
Mixing Metaphor and Methodology 303(4)
Reviewing an Implementation Effort 304(3)
Ethics and the Shadow Side of Consulting 307(20)
The Promise 309(1)
The Commercialization of Service 309(2)
Growth Diminishes Can Undermine Service 311(11)
Seller Beware 322(1)
Owning the Shadow---Thoughts on What to Do 323(4)
The Heart of the Matter 327(16)
Choosing Learning over Teaching 328(2)
The Struggle Is the Solution 330(5)
Insight Resides in Moments of Tension 335(2)
Capacities Bear More Fruit Than Deficiencies 337(1)
We Are Responsible for One Another's 338(1)
Culture Changes in the Moment 339(2)
If Change Is So Wonderful, Why Don't You Go 341(1)
The Final Question Is One of Faith 342(1)
Appendix Another Checklist You Can Use 343(25)
To Get an Overview 344(2)
Before You Negotiate Your Next Contract, 346(6)
Before You Go into the Data Collection and 352(5)
Discovery Phase of Your Next Project,
Before You Go into the Feedback Phase of 357(3)
Your Next Project, Remember...
When You Encounter Resistance, Remember... 360(2)
Before You Go into the Implementation Phase 362(4)
of Your Next Project, Remember...
To Create an Ethical Practice, Remember... 366(2)
Suggestions for Further Reading 368(3)
About the Author 371

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반품/교환비용 변심 혹은 구매착오로 인한 반품/교환은 반송료 고객 부담
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복제가 가능한 상품 등의 포장을 훼손한 경우 예) 음반/DVD/비디오, 소프트웨어, 만화책, 잡지, 영상 화보집

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디지털 컨텐츠인 eBook, 오디오북 등을 1회 이상 다운로드를 받았을 경우

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1) 해외주문도서 : 이용자의 요청에 의한 개인주문상품이므로 단순 변심 및 착오로 인한 취소/교환/반품 시 해외주문 반품/취소 수수료 고객 부담 (해외주문 반품/취소 수수료는 판매정가의 20%를 적용

2) 중고도서 : 반품/교환접수없이 반송하거나 우편으로 접수되어 상품 확인이 어려운 경우

소비자 피해보상
환불지연에 따른 배상

- 상품의 불량에 의한 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은 소비자분쟁해결 기준 (공정거래위원회 고시)에 준하여 처리됨

- 대금 환불 및 환불지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리함

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