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Harvest for Hope #
* 중고장터 판매상품은 판매자가 직접 등록/판매하는 상품으로 판매자가 해당상품과 내용에 모든 책임을 집니다. 우측의 제품상태와 하단의 상품상세를 꼭 확인하신 후 구입해주시기 바랍니다.
페이지 : 정보준비중 | * * (cm)
ISBN-10 : 0446533629
ISBN-13 : 9780446533621
Harvest for Hope # [Hardcover] 중고
저자 Goodall, Jane | 출판사 Warner
13,000원 [59%↓, 18,440원 할인]
2,700원 (판매자 직접배송)
70,000원 이상 결제 시 무료배송
지금 주문하시면 2일 이내 출고 가능합니다.
2005년 11월 0일 출간
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상품구성 목록

World-renowned scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall earned her fame by studying chimpanzee feeding habits. But in Harvest for Hope, she scrutinizes human eating behaviors, and the colossal food industries that force-feed some cultures' self-destructive habits for mass consumption. It's an unsustainable lifestyle that Goodall argues must change immediately, beginning--not ironically--at a grassroots level.Looping personal anecdotes from 40 years of global travels with stories from noble farmer Davids and corporate Goliaths, Goodall methodically builds her case for shopping organic and living modestly. Mustering a tender gumption, she details the vicious cycle of pesticide-ridden and genetically engineered crops which feed the unknowing majority of consumers; and also feed the antibiotic-treated animals that provide these folks with inexpensive entrees. Leaving nasty slaughterhouse scenes to less tactful pens, Goodall focuses more on the product of "factory farming" techniques: mountains of waste, nutritionally depleted soil, polluted water, displaced organic farmers, and severely compromised food. Hope springs from positive sources: Edible Schoolyard programs in the U.K. and U.S., parents breaking their schools' "unholy alliance" with fast food chains and soft drink companies, a steady rise in organic purchases. Goodall offers many suggestions for rallying others, exercising one's own consumer powers, and just plain eating less meat. Conservationists might say this information is nothing new, which might explain why Goodall provides only tertiary references to her many statistics and facts. But for those who prefer that their own eating habits be stirred--not shaken--into question, the kindly Chimpanzee Lady provides the gentle touch required. --Liane Thomas



Introductionp. xvii
Animals to Usp. 1
Nature's Ingenuityp. 3
Tool Use and Huntingp. 6
New Light on Human Evolutionp. 8
Fire-The Origins of Cookingp. 11
The Dawn of Human Culturep. 12
A Celebration of Culturesp. 14
Different Places, Different Foodsp. 17
Cheers! Salute! Skoal!p. 21
Food on the Streetsp. 23
Fingers, Forks, and Chopsticksp. 25
Celebrations and Feastsp. 27
Food and Religious Traditionsp. 30
How We Lost Commonsense Farmingp. 37
Chemical Life Supportp. 38
Growing Food with Poisonsp. 40
Our Chemical Legacyp. 42
A Hopeful Awakeningp. 44
Seeds of Discontentp. 45
Caution: Biohazards Aheadp. 47
A Letter Comes in the Mail ...p. 48
Lord of the Seedsp. 51
Small Farmers Strike Backp. 54
They Were Wrong Beforep. 57
Animals and GMOsp. 59
What You Can Dop. 63
Animal Factories: Farms of Miseryp. 66
The Plight of Poultryp. 69
Not All Pigs Live Like Babep. 71
Beef: The Hidden Storyp. 74
Not-So-Contented Cowsp. 76
Veal: What You've Heard Is Truep. 77
The Birth of Frankenfoodsp. 78
Honoring the Ancient Contractp. 79
Farming Animals: Hazards to Our Healthp. 82
They Don't Even Call Them Farmsp. 82
Disease in the Slaughterhousep. 83
Bacteriap. 84
Virusesp. 85
Hormonesp. 86
Antibiotic Resistancep. 87
Animal Waste: The Cycle of Pollutionp. 89
Pig Business Is Big Businessp. 90
Helping Farm Animals Live Better Livesp. 97
Use Your Consumer Powerp. 99
Hold Restaurants Accountablep. 100
Talk to Your Grocerp. 100
Read Labels Carefullyp. 102
Buy Grass-Fed Animal Productsp. 103
Support the Right Farmersp. 105
One Thread at a Timep. 111
Help Rescue Animalsp. 112
Ravaging the Oceans and Seasp. 117
The Great Lakes of Africap. 119
Hazards of Fish Farmingp. 121
Harmful to Humansp. 124
Farming the Tiger Prawnsp. 127
Willing to Take the Risk?p. 130
Our Mercurial Oceansp. 131
What You Can Dop. 131
Becoming a Vegetarianp. 135
Consider Our Childrenp. 142
How Eating Meat Impacts the Environmentp. 145
Feeding Our Appetite for Meatp. 147
Irresponsible Use of Waterp. 149
A Case for Eating Less Meat and Seafoodp. 149
Global Supermarketsp. 153
The Myth of "Fresh Food"p. 154
Taking Back Our Foodp. 159
Sensible Farmingp. 160
Deep Organic, Shallow Organicp. 162
The Cost of Organic Foodsp. 168
Can We Really Afford "Cheap" Food?p. 169
What You Can Dop. 170
Protecting Our Family Farmersp. 175
Local: The New Organicp. 176
Pound, Dollar, Peso, Rupee: Local Is Affordablep. 184
Farming in Our Citiesp. 184
Saving Family Farmsp. 187
What You Can Dop. 188
Eat Local, Eat Seasonalp. 191
Protecting Our Heirloomsp. 193
As Those Who Came Beforep. 194
Traditional Foods Are the Healthiestp. 195
Slow Food Picks Up the Pacep. 197
Changing the World One Hard Hat at a Timep. 198
What You Can Dop. 202
An Organic Wave Worldwidep. 208
Sustaining Hopep. 209
Helping Women to Take Care of the Earthp. 211
It All Begins and Ends with Soilp. 212
Local Food for Local Peoplep. 214
What You Can Dop. 215
At Home and at School: Feeding Our Childrenp. 218
School Mealsp. 222
A Delicious Revolutionp. 224
And Then There's the Big Dreamp. 230
Feed Me Better: The Naked Chef Goes to Schoolp. 232
Appetite for a New Curriculump. 234
What You Can Dop. 236
Obesity, Fast Food, and Wastep. 238
The Not-So-Missing Linkp. 242
The Seduction of Happy Mealsp. 242
Beware of Corn Syrupp. 244
Junk Foods, Sugar, and Violencep. 246
Waste Not, Want Notp. 247
What You Can Dop. 248
The Looming Water Crisisp. 250
Wasting Waterp. 252
The Truth About Bottled Waterp. 253
And About Those Plastic Bottles ...p. 253
When Corporations Own the Waterp. 254
Will Wars Be Fought Over Water?p. 258
What You Can Dop. 259
The Story of Nebraskap. 261
They Have the Cornp. 264
They Have the Factory Farmsp. 264
They Have the Global Supermarketp. 266
And They Have the Water Crisisp. 268
Yet Hope Grows in Nebraskap. 271
Harvest for Hopep. 278
Changing the World: One Purchase, One Meal, One Bite at a Timep. 283
Eating to Votep. 285
Resourcesp. 287
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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